US: Church claims that ‘men dressed as women’ can use female toilets

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A Houston church has put up a sign claiming that “men dressed as women” will use the female toilets if the city passes an equal rights ordinance.

US: Church claims that ‘men dressed as women’ can use female toilets

According to Houston Press, the sign in Grace Community Church reads: “Warning to all biological women. Use this restroom at your own risk

“Men who are dressed as women are legally allowed to be in this restroom and the police cannot ask them to leave.

“Houston City council members and other civic-minded groups feel that allowing men or those who are biologically men but who now think otherwise to have access to your restroom or locker room, or sauna, will be what makes Houston the best place to live, work, and build a business.

“If you are biologically a woman and still think you are a woman, we the undersigned hope this warning makes you feel safe!”

The city of Houston is currently attempting to pass an equal rights ordinance which will grant people protection from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Last year, a transgender student was shoved and verbally abused as she attempted to use the female toilets at Leeds University.

In April, a trans woman was prevented from using the female toilets at a North Carolina college, and was detained by security after refusing to ‘prove’ she was female.

A Maine court sided with a trans girl in February, ruling it was wrong to block her from using the female bathrooms at school.