‘Gender critical feminist’ Posie Parker wants men with guns to start using women’s toilets

Posie Parker is fundraising for a women's refuge. There's just one problem

One of Britain’s most well-known voices in the “gender-critical movement”, Posie Parker, has suggested armed men should use women’s public bathrooms to “protect” them.

Parker, real name Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, is a notable trans-exclusionary radical feminist with a track record for inveighing trans rights and heckling trans campaigners.

Last year, she paid for a poster reading “I JK Rowling” at Scotland’s busiest railway station in Edinburgh.

In a since-deleted YouTube video, Parker floated the idea of men using women’s bathrooms – but more specifically, men with, er, guns.

Posie Parker implores armed men to ‘start using women’s toilets’ to ‘protect’ them

“I’ve had a bit of an idea,” she said, “about some of the things you can do and men, for once, I’m talking to you.

“I’m talking about you dads, who maybe carry – I think that’s what you say, I’m so down with the American lingo.

“Maybe you carry, maybe you don’t. Maybe you consider yourself a protector of women, maybe you’re that sort of man.

“Maybe you have a daughter or a mother, or a wife, maybe you have a sister. Maybe you have friends, maybe you just think women are human and you don’t need any absolute connection with them to feel compelled to protect us.

“I think you should start using women’s toilets, men.”

The call to action plunged countless trans people and LGBT+ campaigners into unease, with many accusing Parker of “inciting violence” while others questioned her, er, suggestion.

Keira Bell, who won a landmark judicial review against the NHS prescribing puberty blockers to trans teens, defended Parker, calling for people to “leave this woman alone”.

“She has done more for the greater good than a lot of people,” Bell tweeted.

Parker previously drew criticism for appearing on a video with white nationalist and prominent far-right YouTuber Jean-François Gariépy – Mumsnet users, however, were remarkably fine with it.

Gariépy has called for a “white ethnostate” and made videos with neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, the white supremacist who shouted “Hail Trump!” in front of a crowd seen celebrating Trump’s 2016 election win with Nazi salutes.

To exclude trans women from single-sex spaces and facilities would not only be “regressive” but would put trans folk at risk of violence, top international human rights organisation bosses have warned.

Amid rumours that the British government planned to ban trans people from certain public facilities, Human Rights Watch chief Benjamin Ward wrote: “This would be a seriously regressive and discriminatory step.”

“Conversely, there is no evidence that allowing trans women access to women-designated spaces, which has been the case for a number of years, puts other women at risk,” he added.