US: Virginia Republican calls for Attorney General to be impeached over ‘sodomy marriage’

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A Virginia Republican is calling for the state’s Attorney General to be impeached for supporting “sodomy marriage”.

Delegate Bob Marshall, who sits in the House of Delegates, has filed motions calling for Attorney General Mark Herring to be removed from his post and charged.

Herring announced in January that he would not defend Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban, which was subsequently struck down, and is stayed pending appeal.

The appeal is currently being heard by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, with Herring filing a brief in favour of same-sex marriage.

In an email to supporters, Marshall wrote: “Removing all standards against same sex or sodomy ‘marriage’ is to the detriment of children and the well-being of society.

“Impeaching or inquiring about impeaching Mark Herring will show Judges that we also have the will to impeach Justices who declare that the U.S. Constitution mandates legal recognition of the misnamed legal relationship called ‘same sex marriage’.

“Their reliance on the 14th Amendment’s ‘equal protection’ makes no sense because when the 14th Amendment was ratified, sodomy was a felony in nearly every state.”

In a separate public statement – which omitted the references to sodomy – he wrote: “Today, I have introduced two resolutions in the Virginia House of Delegates directing the two Standing Committees of that body with jurisdiction over such matters to make inquiry into whether certain actions of Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring constitute impeachable offenses.”

“Mr. Herring has put his own political and personal views ahead of his duties and responsibilities as Attorney General.”

According to ThinkProgress, Marshall has an extensive history of anti-gay statements.