BNP leader Nick Griffin who thinks ‘gays are creepy’ unseated as MEP

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

British National Party leader Nick Griffin, who thinks that gays are “really creepy”, has lost his seat in the European Parliament.

Griffin was elected as MEP for the North West region in 2009, where the BNP won 132,194 votes, amounting to an 8% share.

The BNP leader has today conceded defeat following this week’s European election, enquiring on how to change the name of his Twitter account from “Nick Griffin MEP”.

He said: “If anyone can tell me how to change my twitter title without losing the account I’d be obliged! 😉 #we’renotgoingawayyouknow”

The BNP managed to scrape just 32,826 votes in the North West region, far short of the amount needed for Griffin to keep his seat.

The British National Party’s vote share has collapsed in all regions announced so far, with the party losing 80% of its vote share in the North East.

Earlier this month, Griffin defended a BNP Youth video which claimed that “militant homosexuals” were part of an “unholy alliance” trying to “destroy the traditional family unit”.

The 54-year-old previously described gay people as “creepy” and admitted that he would like to ban civil partnerships.

He was criticised last August for homophobic and racist remarks, when he labelled a Twitter user a “hysterical little poof”.

In October 2012 he was criticised for posting the address of a gay couple on the internet and calling for his supporters to demonstrate outside their Cambridgeshire home.

He was declared bankrupt in January this year.