British National Party comes ‘back from the dead’ for London Mayoral election

The far-right anti-gay British National Party has been raised from the dead in time for the London Mayoral elections.

The extremist party has become something of a non-entity in recent years, having lost the only political office it held during the 2014 European Elections – and lost its status as a political party last year.

Ex-party leader Nick Griffin – who previously described gay people as “creepy” and admitted that he would like to ban same-sex unions – was expelled after a catastrophic internal row. Griffin later admitted he now votes for UKIP.

However, the party has come back from the dead – with the Electoral Commission confirming it has been revived.

The application lists the party leader as Adam Walker, and Treasurer as Clive Jefferson – though the party’s official ‘office’ is a PO Box in Wigton, Cumbria.

A statement from the BNP bragged about the revivial – which came about after the party became inactive and failed to file any paperwork.

It said: “The British Nation Party is back on the electoral register and fighting fit ready for elections in 2016.”

The party claimed that the move and a rise in donations had “guaranteed David Furness’ standing on behalf of the BNP in the London Mayoral race this coming May.”

It added: “Not only does this mean that the BNP started the new year without carrying any debts over into 2016, but also that all the donations flooding in now go straight to the frontline in our election campaigns.

“With the hostile media frenzy, and foolish bleatings from Muslim-appeasing politicians such as the Labour’s Margaret Hodge, following last month’s disagreement with the Electoral Commission, donations to the BNP have increased.

“We now have £17,000 in the GLA war chest, and with money flooding in from dedicated patriotic donors, the BNP is not only well set to reach the £25,000 target, but fighting fit to provide native Londoners and the people of Britain with a genuine voice.”

British National Party comes ‘back from the dead’ for London Mayoral election

Sadly, the party will have to part with at least some of its ‘war chest’ – it was hit by a fine of £2,400 last month after failing to file accounts.

The Electoral Commission confirmed: “The British National Party have submitted & fulfilled legal requirements to become a registered political party with the Commission.”