Christian Concern: David Cameron should apologise for ‘destructive’ same-sex marriage

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The head of Christian Concern has called on David Cameron to apologise for introducing “destructive” same-sex marriage.

Andrea Williams, the CEO of the Christian lobbying group, was reacting to an article by Tory MP Adam Afriyie, who called for the party to reconnect with traditional Conservative voters who feel alienated by same-sex marriage.

Afriyie wrote: “Many of our core supporters feel alienated and disillusioned. The party establishment must reconnect with these supporters. And this will probably mean a swallowing of pride with a sincere apology for the way gay marriage was introduced.

“Then I’m hopeful we’ll stand a better chance of winning people’s trust, especially if we have some undeniably conservative policies in our manifesto.”

Christian Concern CEO Andrea Williams said today: “Mr Afriyie is right to call for a sincere apology from the Conservative leadership over same-sex ‘marriage’ but it shouldn’t just be concerned with the way in which it was introduced but the very fact that it was pursued at all.

“David Cameron’s determination to push through such revolutionary and destructive legislation with no warning has caused a huge breach of trust with voters. It will have kept many from voting Conservative last week and it is hard to see how trust will ever be restored with this Prime Minister.”

Prominent Tory peer Lord Ashcroft made similar calls earlier this week, following the publication of a poll which suggested most UKIP voters were disenchanted Tories.

On Monday, Conservative blogger Tim Montgomerie also said equal marriage had contributed to the rise of the UKIP.