US: Gay Tea Party activist claims support for same-sex marriage is ‘completely fabricated’

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A gay Tea Party activist has claimed that same-sex marriage is “tyrannical”, and its support is “completely fabricated”.

Doug Mainwarin, who works with groups including the National Organisation for Marriage, made the comments in a blog.

He wrote: “Proponents of same-sex marriage haven’t won in the arena of ideas—they have won through manipulation.

“The moral high ground the radical left seems to enjoy is extremely fragile, because its popular support has been fabricated.

“The left’s only hope of retaining this support is to continue to suppress free speech and religion. They cannot risk the proclamation of truth – whether it be the truth of the Gospel, the truth of natural law, or even simple common sense.

“If we are as disciplined and focused as the proponents of same-sex marriage, we can not only retake this ground, we can also pave new inroads.

“We must not despair; we should regroup and prepare to wage the battle in a new and different way.

“Mainstream media are bewitched by political correctness, which makes our task extremely difficult, but not impossible.

“In a sense, we are like those in the not-so-distant past who opposed the tyranny of totalitarian states, who were unable to broadcast their beliefs, but found a way to build large, local networks of relationships that would ultimately lead to the collapse of totalitarianism.

“We must be creative. People have found success working under much harsher, more tyrannical conditions than those confronting us now.”

(h/t Good As You)