Cards Against Humanity creator ‘deeply regrets’ transphobic card

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The creator of Cards Against Humanity has said that he deeply regrets including a transphobic card in early versions of the game.

The object of the black humour game, which launched in 2011, is to play the most humorous answer card to a question – with questions such as “What is Batman’s guilty pleasure?” or “What do old people smell like?”, and answers including “Necrophilia”, and “Lance Armstrong’s missing testicle”.

However, the game’s co-creator Max Tempin has admitted the game went too far by including a transphobic answer card in, which bore the phrase “passable transvestite”.

Cards Against Humanity creator ‘deeply regrets’ transphobic card

Tumblr user Jonah had raised awareness of the card last week, when he posted a picture of it being set on fire, with the caption “DEATH TO TRANSPHOBIA”.

He said: “A lot of my friends are LGBT, emphasis on the T.

“Somebody played that card, and somebody else was like, ‘That’s not okay’. I decided I didn’t want it in my deck.”

The picture has now been reblogged over 50,000 times, with Jonah adding: “It got bigger than I ever thought it would.”

Tempin posted: “I regret writing this card, it was a mean, cheap joke. We took it out of the game a while ago.”

He told Fusion: “We were writing jokes for ourselves and we weren’t really thinking about how it would affect other people.

“But when you have something that starts to be part of pop culture, you can’t help but see how it makes people feel and feel some sense of responsibility for that.”

“It’s embarrassing to me that there was a time in my life that that was funny.”

He added that new cards were geared towards being more socially-conscious than older versions of the game, with the transphobic card replaced by options including “heteronormativity,” “the patriarchy” and “white privilege”.