Will Young: Spa ordered me to stop cuddling my boyfriend to appease homophobes

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Openly gay singer Will Young has claimed that he was told to stop cuddling his boyfriend at a spa, because “homophobes” had complained.

The singer, who rose to fame on Pop Idol before coming out, said: “Would you believe on the day of Gay Pride I have been the victim of homophobia. I am SO mad.

“Essentially I was asked to stop hugging my boyfriend in a spa because it was offending another ‘conservative’ (read homophobic) spa visitor.

“I am looking forward to what the hotel have to say about this cos I am still seething. I actually can’t believe it.”

He is yet to name the hotel in which the incident took place.

In December, Will Young was announced as a patron for LGBT mental health charity PACE.

He previously claimed that schools are still not doing enough to curb children’s use of “gay” as an insult, adding that teachers should be the “priority” when it comes to educating what counts as homophobic language.

He had voiced his concerns to Education Secretary Michael Gove at an education conference organised by gay rights charity Stonewall.