US: Court rules that John Travolta ‘can’t stop’ alleged gay lover’s legal action

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A court has ruled that a pilot who claims he had a gay affair with John Travolta can’t be stopped from pursuing legal action for his right to speak about his claims.

Douglas Gotterba claimed two years ago while planning to write a tell-all book about his life that he had a six-year relationship with Travolta when he was employed by him in the 1970s.

However, Travolta’s lawyers had attempted to stop Gotterba from doing so, claiming he had signed a confidentiality clause that would prevent him from doing so.

They allege that when the former pilot was dismissed from Alto in 1991, he signed a contract which would prevent him from revealing personal information about his employer, while Gotterba claims he signed nothing that would stop him from doing so.

This week, California appeals court Presiding Justice Arthur Gilbert ruled that Travolta can no longer prevent Gotterba from making his case.

The judge ruled in Gotterba’s favour, claiming the lawsuit was based on “the validity of the asserted termination agreements”, and that it could not be stopped from going ahead.

This means that Gotterba will be allowed to make his case in court, arguing that he has the right to speak about his alleged relationship with the 60-year-old Pulp Fiction star.