NYC: Woman slashed in face after confronting man who said ‘go back to faggotville’

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A woman who challenged a man for using homophobic language in a New York City street has been left with a slashed face.

The attack happened last Friday at 10.40pm on the Lower East side of Manhattan.

Takeam Brison, 32, approached the victim, who was with a group of friends, and allegedly began making homophobic remarks.

It’s claimed he told them to “go back to faggotville”, adding “you lesbians, you homos”.

When the victim intervened, Brison slashed the left side of her face, seriously injuring her, the New York Police Department said.

Brison ran away from the scene and called 911, telling the dispatcher that a group of gay men were following him, according to the criminal complaint.

Police arrested Brison and found a knife in his pocket.

He was charged him with two counts of felony assault, including felony assault as a hate crime.

City Council Member Margaret Chin issued a statement saying: “The woman who confronted this man during his hate-filled rant must be commended for her courageous and noble action, and I am deeply thankful that she did not suffer life-threatening injuries.”

The victim received stitches at Bellevue Hospital.