Toronto photographer documents his transition in a portrait series

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Photographer Wynne Neilly has released a self-portrait project entitled “Female to ‘Male’,” which documents his transition.

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The series documents the physical, psychological, medical, and financial changes Neilly underwent while taking testosterone.


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“Female to ‘Male’” documents the Toronto artist’s transition over the period of one year with photographs, voice recordings, and other artifacts that represent the transition process.


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Neilly told the online publication Mic that he uses quotation marks around “male” in the title of the piece to hint at the fluidity of his identity.

He said he considers his transition part of a continual evolution, not a shift from one gender to another.


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He told Mic: “My goal is to add to the visibility of different trans experiences.

“I absolutely cannot speak or create art for every trans person, but I can create something that speaks to my own personal journey.”


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(Images: Mic; Wynne Neilly)