Trans star Dana International: Europeans should ‘shut their mouths’ about Gaza

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Dana International, the first trans singer to win the Eurovision Song Contest, has said that Europeans should “shut their mouths” about the Gaza conflict.

According to Haaretz, the Israeli singer – who won the contest in 1998 with her song Diva – made the comments in an interview conducted in the Netherlands this week.

Dismissing European criticism of Israel’s policies, she said: “You need to shut your mouths, you have murdered millions and millions of people throughout history.

“Shut up Dutch people! Shut up Belgians! Shut up British people!

“You conquered half of the world. You raped Africa, you raped half of the world. Bring back Africa’s money.

“There is no nation in Europe who can come in guilt free and criticize Israel.

“[Israel] is learning our first steps of normal civilization, normal culture.

“Israel has a different mentality than Europe. Europe had many wars. Now it’s our turn to learn how to become more cultural.”

Earlier this year, a video that showed the star dancing in a synagogue with religious children was pulled from YouTube, when the parents of one boy claimed they had not been informed what the video would be for.

The clip had been released in order to promote Tel Aviv Gay Pride .