The Netherlands: Regulations changed to allow Russians to seek asylum

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The Netherlands is making it easier for LGBT Russians to apply for asylum, due to the country’s ‘gay propaganda’ law.

The country’s junior justice minister, Fred Teeven, said the members of the LGBT community will no longer have to ‘prove’ they have sought protection of the Russian police force.

The hurdle had previously prevented large numbers of Russians from gaining asylum in the Netherlands, because of the danger of being out to Russian police.

Mr Teeven wrote: “There is throughout the Russian Federation, among government officials (including the police) and the Russian people, a high degree of intolerance and prejudice against homosexuality and members of the LGBT community.”

Earlier this week, the Russian creators of a truth-or-dare style card game have been hit with a fine, for ‘promoting’ homosexuality among minors.

The organisers of last month’s St Petersburg Pride rally were told to hold it on a landfill site instead.

When refusing requests, officials are obliged by law to suggest alternative venues, which was abused to suggest ludicrous locations, including the remote village of Novosyolki, and a landfill site on Vasilievsky Island