US: Poll finds well-being of LGBT people is lower than that of straight individuals

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A new US poll has found that LGBT people rate lower on a well-being index than straight individuals.

The Gallup Poll found US LGBT people had an average score of 58 on a Well-Being Index. For straight people, the average score was a 62.

Researchers said that this difference was true even after factors like gender, age, race, and state of residence were taken into account.

LGBT people living in the US are 10 percent less likely to be thriving financially – the biggest gap found in the poll.

The study also found LGBT adults are less likely to be thriving socially and physically.

This study was based on 3,000 interviews with LGBT adults and 81,000 interviews with non-LGBT adults conducted from January to June.

The Well-Being Index is scores overall well-being on a scale by inquiring about five broad areas: purpose, social, financial, community, and physical.

Respondents were categorised into three groups, depending on their answers: thriving, struggling, and suffering.

A recent study found that LGB people are at significantly increased risk for heath ailments due to stressful life events.

A study earlier this month found people applying for jobs are 40% less likely to be offered an interview if they are gay or lesbian.