Moscow anti-gay conference plans spread of ‘gay propaganda’ laws across the world

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A conference of anti-gay groups in Moscow has called for lobbyists to attempt to introduce ‘gay propaganda’ laws across the world.

The event, hosted by Russian oligarch Constantin Malofeev, was attended by many US-based anti-gay activists, including Brian Brown of the National Organisation for Marriage.

The forum was originally hosted by the Illinois-based World Congress of Families, but the group officially pulled out of the event over tensions in Ukraine earlier this year.

A resolution passed at the meeting calls for activists “to work for the adoption of legislative bans on all types propaganda concerning homosexual relationships” in order to “uphold the interests of children” across the world.

Bans on ‘gay propaganda’ similar to that used to justify homophobic harassment in Russia have already been mooted in several other countries.


The resolution also called for people to study “the negative social and psychological effects of raising children in same-gender couples”, in order to support cases for bans on same-sex adoption.

The event was attended by several other US-based groups, including Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, the Christian Broadcasting Network, Personhood USA, and Family Watch International – though it is unclear if they signed the resolution.

A tough new anti-gay law was passed in Gambia earlier this week, amending the criminal code to add life sentences for “aggravated homosexuality”.