Annie Lennox: The word ‘gay’ is irrelevant

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Singer Annie Lennox has argued that the word “gay” is irrelevant because it should be “nobody’s effing business.”

The Eurythmics icon told PrideSource in a recent interview that it is time for the LGBT community to “broaden out” beyond labels.

She said: “This is something I’ve been saying to a lot of my gay compadres: One day we’ll get rid of this word ‘gay,’ because it’s irrelevant.

“Of course it’s terribly relevant when you are trying to create a campaign. During a human rights movement, it’s terribly important to have labels and to have platforms that are very identifiable, but ultimately we should just be fine with everybody no matter what our sexual orientation is.

“It’s nobody’s effing business.”

When asked about the emerging use of the word ‘queer’ as a catch-all term, she added: “Even that – no. It’s diminishing. Broaden out. And it will come.”

Last year, Annie Lennox commented on the stigma surrounding HIV, calling it one of the “biggest challenges” for people facing the diagnosis and treatment.

Lennox, who is an HIV Ambassador for the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, also opened a HIV and sexual health centre in east London last October.