Tory MP warns anti-terrorist laws could be use to target Christians opposing equal marriage

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Tory MP Dominic Raab has warned that plans to bolster the UK’s anti-extremism laws could be ‘abused’ to target Christians opposing same-sex marriage.

Mr Raab, the MP for Esher and Walton, made the claims in an article for the Telegraph, about Theresa May’s plans to introduce ‘Extremist Disruption Orders’ to track people online.

He said: “Those convicted of terrorism, sexual offences or other serious crime should face restrictions on their online access.

“The public should certainly expect the security services to track terrorists online, but the broad powers of proposed Extremism Disruption Orders (EDO) could be abused.

“Those engaged in passionate debates – such as Christians objecting to gay marriage – could find themselves slapped down.”

Mr Raab, who voted in favour of same-sex marriage last year, previously questioned how the country can be “riddled with discrimination” if gay people earn more than their straight counterparts.

He wrote: “Gay men earn more than straight men, lesbian women more than heterosexual women. Does that sound like a society riddled with discrimination?”


He was also condemned by an HIV charity earlier this year, for supporting a proposal to ban people with HIV and Hepatitis B from coming to the UK.