Giant inflatable Christmas tree faces protests because it looks like a sex toy

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Anti-gay activists in Paris are protesting a giant inflatable Christmas tree – because it looks too much like a butt plug.

The 80ft (24m) high inflatable sculpture was erected this week by LA-based artist Paul McCarthy, in Place Vendome, near Paris city centre.

However, the installation – known as ‘Tree’ – has faced protests from far-right group Printemps Francais, because of its resemblance to a sex toy.

The anti-gay group claimed the privately commissioned work had “disfigured” Paris, adding: “This is where your money goes, taxpayers!”.

Other Parisians have also voiced skepticism that the installation is actually meant to be a Christmas tree – with some joking: “Frankly it’s more appropriate to have a giant buttplug in the middle of Paris than to have a Christmas tree up in October”.

Earlier this year, a town in Michigan demanded a sculpture be removed from public view – because it looked like a gay orgy.

Meanwhile, a statue of Satan, complete with a large erection, mysteriously appeared in Vancouver last month.