Giant pink condom put on 157-year-old statue in Sydney

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A giant pink condom has been placed on top of an obelisk in Sydney, as part of a campaign to promote safer sex to gay men.

The 157-year-old heritage-listed Hyde Park Obelisk in the Australian city was today covered with the gargantuan condom, as part of a campaign to cut the rates of HIV transmission.

Bags containing condoms were also scattered around the structure, bearing the slogan “Test more + treat early + stay safe = ending HIV”.

The scheme was dreamed up by the AIDS Council of New South Wales (ACON) – who are claiming it is ‘Australia’s largest condom’.

ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill said: “The need for gay men to ‘stay safe’ by using condoms is at the core of NSW’s strategy for eliminating HIV transmission by the end of the decade.

“We won’t be able to achieve this goal unless gay men use condoms when they’re having high-risk sex with casual partners, particularly in situations where a partner’s HIV status isn’t known – it’s that simple.”

“We need to constantly find new ways to promote this message, especially in the lead up to World AIDS Day on December 1.

“This installation is sure to create lots of interest as we’ve selected a very visible icon in a high traffic area.

“We’re hoping to turn lots of heads as well as raise a few eyebrows, not only here on the street but also on social media where the reach of the campaign will be expanded throughout NSW and beyond.”

Some people, meanwhile, are having fun with the installation.

Giant pink condom put on 157-year-old statue in Sydney

It won’t be the first giant statue to make a splash this year – a giant ‘Christmas tree’ which resembled a sex toy caused uproar in Paris last month.

Meanwhile, a statue of the Devil sporting a large erection mysteriously appeared in Vancouver, but was subsequently pulled by police.

The condom will remain in place for the next seven days.