Glenn Beck: If you watch The Notebook, you should cut your winkie off and become a woman

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Right-wing pundit Glenn Beck has joked that men who watch romantic comedies should become women.

The former Fox commentator made the comments on his network The Blaze, while discussing the seven films based on books by Nicholas Sparks – including The Notebook, Dear John and Message in a Bottle.

He said: “If you’ve seen three out of seven, you’re gender questioning. You’re going ‘I’m so desperate, maybe I’m a woman’.

“Four Nicholas Sparks movies… we need to break it off, or cut it off with a butter knife.

“At six, we put iodine on your winkie and it just falls off. At seven we give you breast enhancements, shots of estrogen.”

The host insisted there was “nothing wrong with that” after making the joke – but has been decried for his sexism and transphobia.

A Jezebel blogger wrote: “There are just so many levels of awfulness here.

“There’s the archaic and ignorant jokes about tired gender stereotypes, transphobia, the idea that anyone—male or female—would be subjected to watching more than one Nicholas Sparks film and of course, WINKIE.”

Earlier this year, Mr Beck claimed that Hillary Clinton would have lesbian sex in the White House if she were to become President.

He said: “I’m telling you, Hillary Clinton will be having sex with a woman on the White House desk if it becomes popular.