London ‘Islamic hotel’ will still accept gay couples despite banning alcohol

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A London hotel which has reportedly implemented an Islamic code of conduct says it will still allow gay couples to stay there.

The Bermondsey Square Hotel in Southwark – which played home to a host of celebrities ncluding Gok Wan and Dr Christian Jessen for TV series ‘Hotel GB’ – was recently bought out by a new owner.

Numerous newspapers have claimed that the hotel’s new owner – a multi-millionaire Muslim businessman – is introducing a strict Islamic code of conduct, with a spokesperson confirming: “We don’t serve alcohol. The new investor doesn’t wish to make a profit with alcohol.”

However, the hotel – which claims the stories are “misinformed” – says any change in policy will not lead the hotel to discriminate gay couples.

A spokesperson told the Huffington Post that while the hotel has stopped selling alcohol, this is the only change to the hotel’s operations – though she would not confirm or deny whether the hotel was operating in accordance with Sharia law.

General Manager Robert Holland added: “We always have, and continue to, welcome guests of all shapes, sizes and denomination. All guests are welcome.”

A notice on the hotel’s website adds: “We no longer sell alcoholic beverages at GB Grill & Bar – Please take a look at our comprehensive selection of soft drinks!”