UKIP officials follow ‘fake’ party Twitter that claims gays are a ‘disgrace to humanity’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A number of United Kingdom Independence Party officials are following a “fake” UKIP branch’s Twitter account – which claims that gays are a “disgrace to humanity”.

The UKIP East London account, which was started earlier this week, has attracted attention for its overtly homophobic and racist tweets.

It says: “Women shouldn’t marry women, it’s immoral, unnatural and Anti-British. You’re an absolute disgrace to humanity.”

“LGBT movement is a fascist movement, it’s all gay this, gay that.. Well what about the British folk?

“We are not interested in the Queer vote, the British vote will do just fine thank you.”

The party has been quick to point out the messages – some of which have been shared widely across the site – aren’t actually from an official UKIP branch.

UKIP deputy chairman Suzanne Evans said: “Please be aware that @UKIPEastLondon is not a genuine UKIP account. It is not run by our party or any UKIP party member. Pls RT. Thank you.”

However, PinkNews found that dozens of UKIP officials continue to follow the “fake” account despite the overtly homophobic and racist messages – including a number of the party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidates.

UKIP officials including deputy chair Neil Hamilton, and PPCs including Charlie Smith, Peter Baillie, Nick Lincoln, Iain Mckie, Graham Moore, Lee Slaughter, Richard Thomas, and Herbie Crossman, were all apparently unable to tell the difference between the fake homophobic account and actual party policy.

UKIP said in a statement: “The UKIP East London Twitter account is not a UKIP account.

“We do not have an ‘East London’ branch and nor would we in any way endorse the Tweets it has made. We have taken steps to report it to Twitter as both misleading and malicious.”

Some of the UKIP officials following the anti-gay account are below:
UKIP officials follow ‘fake’ party Twitter that claims gays are a ‘disgrace to humanity’

Earlier this week, UKIP’s former deputy leader Christopher Monckton claimed that AIDS is the “wages” of gay promiscuity.