Androgynous model wears high heels for graduation

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Androgynous model Ivan Fahy has opened up about graduating from university in high heels.

The model – who graduated from NUI, Galway in October – told PinkNews: “I’m androgynous and I said I would break graduation tradition and collect my degree certificate how I really should, in my high heels.

“I’m really glad I did. It was something never before seen or done in Ireland. I hope others will follow in my footsteps and dress how they want at their graduations.

Fahy – who is one of the few androgynous models in Ireland, told  “I decided to wear high heels to my graduation because if I lived in an ideal world I would

“I didn’t want to not wear them because I lived in a judging world, so I basically set myself the challenge to do it and I did. If I backed down and didn’t wear my high heels I would know that I succumbed to the restraints of society.

“Graduations are very traditional and old fashioned. I refused to blend in with tradition and follow the graduation crowd.

“I have to be me. My gender identity and gender expression isn’t something to be shamed and hidden and confined only to ‘appropriate’ spaces.”

Irish universities often have strict expectations of students dress at graduation. Men are encouraged to wear suits and women to wear dresses. Many universities only issue caps to women.

Fahy made headlines in Ireland with his choice to break with tradition, adding: “I encourage every student to dress how they choose. Challenge the system, break tradition.

“I want to see a diversity of clothing on graduation day, not just girls in dresses and guys in suits. It’s so boring and typical. Wear what you want, what you really, really want.”