Man jailed for ‘vicious homophobic attack’ on two men waiting for bus after Black Pride event

Mugshot of Jabbard Mabounda

A 31-year-old man has been sentenced to a year behind bars for a “vicious homophobic attack” against two men who were waiting for a bus after a Black Pride event in Brixton. 

Jabbard Mabounda of Crosby Walk in south west London, was sentenced to a year in jail at Inner London Crown Court on 22 April.

His sentencing follows him attacking two men who were waiting for a bus after attending a Black Pride event on 19 August, 2023. 

The victims, who were both supported by PC Andy De Santis, were left with injuries that required hospital treatment.

Teacher Michael Smith and his boyfriend Nat Asabere were at a bus stop in Brixton when Jabbard Mabounda assaulted them, the Evening Standard reports. Mabounda repeatedly punched Smith in the face, leaving him bloodied and wounded.

Mr Smith wrote on JustGiving: “All of a sudden, a stranger who was also waiting at the bus stop, hit the guy who I was with and then started hitting me in the face.

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“Luckily the bus we were getting turned up and we ran on it. That’s when I noticed blood on my t-shirt and it was coming from my mouth. I was punched so much that I had a split lip.

“Obviously, the experience was horrible. I was in shock and so confused what happened. But I’m not going to let this get to me.

“I am not looking for sympathy or pity because I see myself as being lucky. There have been LGBTQ+ people who have been hurt a lot worse than me, or even killed.”

Investigating officer detective inspector Pete Thompson from Brixton described the incident as “a vicious, homophobic attack committed against two men who were simply waiting at a bus stop”. 

He added: “Mabounda is a violent person who has rightly been imprisoned for what he did.

“I commend the men who were assaulted for their bravery throughout the investigation. 

“Tackling hate crime is a priority for the Metropolitan Police and we are committed to bringing perpetrators to justice. Homophobia has no place in our society and it will not be tolerated in any form.” 

One of the victims said of the support they received: “He [PC De Santis] has consistently checked on my emotional well-being and provided contacts for victim support. 

His dedication has gone above and beyond, and I believe he exemplifies the kind of support that is needed in such cases.”

Mabounda’s sentencing comes as a man with a “prolific offending history”, arrested after a nationwide manhunt, was also jailed for a homophobic hate crime.