US: Alaska gay couple get death threats as sign declares town a ‘fag free zone’

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An Alaska gay couple are being targeted by homophobes, who have vandalised their property and declared the town a “fag free zone”.

Adam Jacobson and his husband, who have lived in Anchorage for four years without incident, this week saw their mailbox vandalised, eggs thrown at their house, and an obscene poster left on their car’s windshield.

He told KTVA: “The whole thing kind of felt like they had observed us or they were at least familiar with who we were.

“It was planned. They clearly put a lot of effort into that poster.”

The poster carried a number of strongly homophobic phrases, including “FAG FREE ZONE”, “White Power”, “Fags Die, God Laughs”, “Homosexuality is Sin”, and “Homos are possessed by demons”.

Mr Jacobson added: “I suspect that people that think this way and believe these things probably are feeling marginalized and feeling like sort of victims of the progressive moment, and maybe those sort of feelings of victimhood are what sparked this sort of behaviour.”

Anchorage Police Department confirmed a police report had been received on Saturday morning, and the sign has been taken as evidence.

However, Mr Jacobson says that he has been besieged with kind words and supportive messages since the incident.

He said: “It just proved what I already suspected, which is that we have a really great, supportive community.”