Hate group want to amend US Constitution to ‘outlaw’ trans people

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A listed hate group is pushing for an amendment to the US Constitution which would ban legal recognition of trans people.

The Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg and Craig James made the claims – calling gender identity “the next thing we have to combat in this war with the LGBT community”.

Their suggestion was government policy that defined someone’s assigned birth sex as “the only sexual identity that the government will recognise.”

James asked: “Might there be a need for us to have a constitutional movement, an amendment, to identify a person’s sex, it is what you are at birth?”

Sprigg agreed. “I think the ideal policy for government with respect to this is that your sex is your biological sex.” While he acknowledged the existence of intersex people, he said they are “very rare, and most transgender people are not interesexed.”

They also suggested they were being punished for refusing to accept trans people’s identities. They cited laws allowing trans people to use appropriate toilets and other facilities as examples of this punishment.

Sprigg said: “We’ve seen this issue exploding in the last year and frankly we, meaning the pro-family movement, have not been as well prepared to respond to this as we have to the wider homosexual movement.”

The Family Research Council is listed as an active anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

Listen to the clip below via Right Wing Watch: