You can pay to join the mile high club, but gays might not be allowed

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A Middle Eastern airline is offering people the chance to join the mile high club – but they might not allow same-sex couples.

Etihad Airways – which is owned by UAE’s ruling family – recently unveiled a luxury private apartment in the sky, known as The Residence.

For the price of £12,500 for a flight from London to Abu Dhabi, couples get their own bathroom, sitting room and bedroom – and a cast-iron guarantee of privacy.

Peter Baumgartner of Etihad promised the Sunday Times: “We won’t interfere… and at £12,500 for two people, it’s not overpriced. It’s a tenth of what you would pay for a private jet.”

However, homosexuality remains illegal in the United Arab Emirates – and though the law would not apply while on the aircraft, staff were more cagey about whether they would allow gays to hook up on the plane.

They declined to comment to the newspaper when asked about same-sex couples.

The website states: “The bedroom in The Residence is decorated with delicate fabrics and furnished with natural fibre mattress double bed, Egyptian cotton sheets and choice of pillows.

“Experience the ultimate in luxury high above the clouds and wake up to breakfast in bed over an expanse of beautiful skies.”