LGBT magazine launched in Uganda to ‘reclaim the media’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

An LGBT magazine has been launched in Uganda, in an attempt to “reclaim the media” and to promote acceptance of the gay and trans community there.

Bombastic Magazine, which is available free in supermarkets, compiles stories, testimonies and opinions by LGBT Ugandans, and aims to end violence against LGBT people across the country.

The magazine has been introduced as politicians in Uganda threaten to re-introduce the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

A statement from the campaign organisers said: “Through Bombastic Magazine, we share our stories, realities of being lesbian , gay , bisexual, transgender and intersex , our health, religious , cultural and family issues,  with the public  as a  peaceful call to respect  and accept us as Ugandans; our sexuality does not make us any less Ugandan. “Many have told our stories wrongly and we can’t accept the trend to continue. Here are our stories, narrated and shared by ourselves”, said Ambrose, member of the LGBTI community in Uganda.

“This magazine will also shade a light to readers on the extent of the marginalization and discrimination the LGBTI community in Uganda continues to face on a daily basis. We have been forced to live undignified lives; the authors of the stories are Ugandans who, through their voices, should be heard by policy makers and the general public, and hopefully, help to create a path for attitude change in a community that is continuously growing in homophobia and violence against this harmless group of Ugandan citizens.”

The campaigners said they called on various groups, in order to promote peace and unity.

  • The media in Uganda to promote humanity, peace, unity and liberation as they report on LGBTI issues.

  • The government of Uganda to suspend all moves to introduce any further legislation that criminalizes our sexuality and gender identity and decriminalize already existing criminalization laws.

  • The general public to establish and sustain dialogue with the LGBTI community in the country and in multi-lateral spaces

  • Religious leaders to refrain from preaching and instigating hate   within their congregations.

  • To you all our fellow Ugandans, we wish you a safe, peaceful and gay read happy festive season. We give you Bombastic Magazine as a gift to you all this Christmas. “We share our lived realities in the hope that they will inspire many people who have been filled with hate from politicians and religious leaders seeking political power and cheap popularity”, says Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera, initiator and coordinator of Reclaiming the Media Campaign

  • Lastly we call upon all Ugandans to get a copy of Bombastic Magazine. The magazine is free, get a copy at your local supermarkets or look out for our volunteers in your area.We also have an online copy which can be found