Robbie Manson: Out gay All Black would be the ‘final frontier’ for New Zealand

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

According to an out gay rowing star, New Zealand’s “final frontier” will come in the form of an openly gay All Blacks rugby star.

Olympic rower Robbie Manson earlier this year came out publicly as gay after two years of being out to his friends and teammates.

Writing for Outsports, he said coming out was the “scariest decision” of his life.

He has now told that it would be the “biggest story” if a member of the famed All Blacks rugby team came out as gay.

“No All Black has come out yet – that would be the biggest story,” he said.

“I guess the ideal situation would be to have an All Black come out and say that it’s OK. That, in a way, is what I’m trying to get started. The more people that do it, the easier it will be for younger people.”

When asked if an All Black would be the “final frontier” for gay sportsmen in the country, Manson replied: “definitely”.