Vincent Franklin smacks down critics of straight actors in gay roles

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Actor Vincent Franklin has addressed criticism of straight actors being cast in gay roles.

The former Thick of It star is set to take on a leading role in Cucumber, the new drama from Queer as Folk creator Russell T Davies.

However, he says that his new role as Henry on the series is subject to more scrutiny than his work as Stewart Pearson on the political satire series.

He told the Guardian: “It’s irrelevant. Henry is gay. I played a Tory party spin doctor for five years and nobody said to me, are you really a Tory? But as soon as you play a gay character, people want to know if you’re really gay.

“It’s all just acting. What I do is pretending to be other people. They’re never me. I am 46, I have been in love, I have been unhappy, I have worried about the future, and all of these things that Henry’s doing.

“And if anybody from the straight or gay community says you’re an unconvincing homosexual, then that would be terrible, and I can only apologise.

“I think it’s important that straight actors play gay characters until there’s no need for anyone to ask me that question.”