Jim Davidson: UKIP are the Jim Davidson of politics

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Controversial comedian Jim Davidson has claimed that the UK Independence Party are “the Jim Davidson of the political world”.

The comic is notorious for a long string of homophobic comments, claiming in 2012 that gay entertainers were more likely to be child abusers.

He has repeatedly denied being homophobic – trying to play down the accusations by claiming that he once had oral sex with a Thai “ladyboy”.

Speaking to Digital Spy today, he compared UKIP to himself while complaining about political correctness.

He said: “I feel for UKIP, in a way. They’re the Jim Davidson of the political world.

“They’re being hit with a stick for something that they haven’t done. They say that they are racist and they are this and that.

“All I think Nigel Farage is saying – and I don’t vote UKIP, I vote Conservative – is that he would like to be in control of immigration. Not controlling it, in control of it.

“So really he is just saying we should make our laws here. We vote our politicians in, but then our politicians, really, they have no power.”

Davidson famously walked out of Hell’s Kitchen in 2007 after joking to gay Big Brother star Brian Dowling: “A lot of shirt-lifters have the same face, don’t they?”

He also said of Jimmy Saville: “A bloke who’s a loner dresses and acts like a nonce and thinks he is the most important person in the world.

“There are lots of them in showbiz. There seems to be more gay ones than straight, but that’s because there are probably more gays in showbiz than most professions.”

Watch the interview via Digital Spy below: