US confirms it will appoint gay diplomat to promote global LGBT rights

US Secretary of State John Kerry has confirmed he will appoint an openly gay LGBT Rights Envoy.

The State Department is creating the new role to promote LGBT rights across the world and Secretary Kerry wants to approach LGBT rights issues with a matter of urgency.

The envoy is said to be currently going through the final stages of vetting. The name has not been released but the State Department has confirmed the envoy will be openly gay.

A spokesperson said: “When Secretary Kerry came here, he made it clear he was looking for new initiatives to make a mark on gay rights.

“He reminded everyone that one of the first bills he introduced as a senator was gay rights legislation and that his very last speech as a senator included words on this very issue.”

President Obama previously appointed a LGBT Liason within the White House but the new envoy will have a different, more global role.

In the UK, Ed Miliband has said that the Labour Party will appoint an LGBT Rights Envoy should the party be elected. Lord Michael Cashman will take the role.