Ghana: Celebrities condemn violent homophobic attack on music star

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Celebrities in Ghana have taken to social media to condemn a violent homophobic attack.

Earlier this month video circulated on social media showing a famous music promoter, nicknamed ‘Kinto’ being beaten and threatened by an angry mob in Accra.

Ghana Web reports the popular entertainment personality, real name Albert Appiah, was beaten by the mob after he was allegedly caught attempting to have sex with a man.

But the police say Kinto was “framed” and that the pretext of sexual activity was simply used to stage a robbery.

“Our initial investigations seem to suggest that it is a completely cooked up story,” ACP Jango told Starr News.

Mr Jango added: “The victim called Albert Appiah alias Kinto met Salim on social media…and they used to visit each other, so he went to visit him as he does. From nowhere four people entered the back seat [of the car] alleging that he was sodomising the other guy [Salim], meanwhile they were all sitting at the front [of the car].

“And Salim never complained that he had been sodomised and they beat him [Kinto] up mercilessly and even took him to an ATM and asked him to slot in his card and pay them some ransom”.

The attack on Kinto has opened up a rare debate about homophobic oppression in Ghanaian society.

The BBC reports that prominent supporters of the star have rallied around him and urged for change.

Ghanaian pop star Wanlov said it was time for the country to abolish its anti-gay laws.

Soul vocalist Efya expressed her disgust at the assault.

She tweeted: “Guy. the world is changing… get with the program… Gay people are here… Get with the program. It’s who they are… so you be you… let them be them.

“You can’t beat the Gay out of someone..!! U can’t..!!”

Same-sex sexual activity between men is illegal in Ghana with those found guilty facing up to 3 years in prison.

It is unclear in Ghanaian law whether same-sex sexual activity among females is illegal.

Police have arrested one man in connection with the incident.