Awww! A 9 year old girl has written to Congress asking for marriage equality

A 9 year old girl from Texas has written a letter to Congress asking for marriage equality, as part of her one letter a week campaign to advocate positive change for others.

Maggie, a 9 year old from Texas, has written an adorable letter to Congress asking for marriage equality, threatening to send letters all year if they refused.

According to Buzzfeed, Maggie asked Congress members if they would like to be denied the freedom to marry who they love. She threatened to write all year if same-sex marriage wasn’t made legal across the US.

The full letter reads:

“Dear Congress,
Would you like it if someone wouldn’t let you get married to a person you loved of your own gender? No. So why are you not letting people do that? That needs to change, and it needs to change now. Would you rather me send letters all year? Or you listen the first time? Your choice.

Maggie decided to write the letter as part of her family’s plan to take on a new activity for lent, she has chosen to write one letter a week to advocate change for others. She has also written to President Obama who she hopes to meet one day.

Maggie’s father told BuzzFeed that her behaviour isn’t surprising. He said: “What is surprising to us is the forceful language she chose. She clearly has very strong views about right and wrong, fairness and injustice. And, as she has learned by age 9, sometimes assertive actions are what is needed.”

In a school assignment she was asked to write about what she would be like in 100 years, Maggie said she would be an LGBT rights advocate. She wrote “When I am 100 I would have done a lot of things helping LGBT rights” and she will have eaten 100 cupcakes.