General Medical Council drops case against transgender doctor

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A doctor who provides specialist healthcare for trans people will not face action from the General Medical Council.

The GMC had opened an investigation into Dr Richard Curtis in 2013, after the London-based gender specialist was accused of providing inappropriate treatment at his clinic.

Complaints were made that Dr Curtis had too readily prescribed treatments – with allegations he had failed to treat patients in accordance with standard procedures for trans people, and had been “misleading” in two endorsements for gender reassignment surgery.

Today, the GMC confirmed to PinkNews that the Fitness to Practice hearing originally scheduled for this month will not be going forward.

A statement from Dr Curtis said: “It is with much relief that I announce the conclusion of the GMC investigation which has now been in process for nearly four years.

“In short the GMC have entirely dismissed the case. There was no Fitness to Practice hearing and no sanctions.

“The conditions which were imposed over three years ago, as it turns out, inappropriately, will be removed when the process for that to occur is administered by the GMC and should be a formality.

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for all those who have given their support during this very difficult time.”

Since the investigation was opened, Dr Curtis has had to practise in accordance with a number of conditions imposed by the GMC – which state in part: “He must not prescribe hormonal treatment for patients with gender dysphoria, or refer any patients for gender dysphoria surgery, unless those patients have undergone a recent mental health or psychological assessment carried out by an appropriately trained mental health care professional.

“He must maintain an anonymised log detailing every case where he prescribes for patients with gender dysphoria and for patients who he refers for gender dysphoria surgery.

“He must inform the following parties that his registration is subject to the conditions.”