Matt Lucas: I dress up because I’m insecure about how I look

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Comedian Matt Lucas has said that he is drawn to dress up as characters because he is unsatisfied about how he looks.

The former Little Britain star spoke candidly about his appearance in a rare newspaper interview with the Mirror, ahead of the launch of his new comedy series Pompidoul

said: “I’m as uncomfortable looking at photographs of myself as anybody is and that’s one of the reasons I dress up.

“I do feel self-conscious and look at those photos and go ‘Oh, you’ve still got no hair, you’re still carrying too much weight, you’re still too short, and oooh, when you’re in profile look how big your nose is’.

“I have the same insecurities anyone else has about their appearance… well, probably more so.

“I lost my hair when I was six so the fact that I looked different was made apparent to me from a very early age.

“People always commented on it so I think my way of dealing with it through the years was to disguise myself. It felt like a safe thing to do.

“Oddly, when I’m in character, I tend to deliberately make myself look even worse. There’s no vanity in comedy, especially in this country.”

The comedian also revealed he was dating – saying he had “had some lovely cups of tea and been on dinner dates with a few very charming people” and “joined Tinder” .

Lucas previously entered a civil partnership with Kevin McGee in 2006, but it dissolved in 2008 on the grounds of McGee’s unreasonable behaviour.

McGee went on to hang himself in his Edinburgh flat in 2009.