This man spent £40k on surgery to make himself look like Katie Price

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A man has spent over £40,000 on cosmetic surgery to make himself look like his idol Katie Price.

Nathan Thursfield, who has a self-confessed “major fascination” with glamour model Price has said he already in £20,000 in debt to pay for surgery to transform his appearance to look like her.

The out retail supervisor is planning a bum lift and liposuction to make himself look like the 36-year-old.

According to reports, Thursfield has had support from his boyfriend, as well as Price herself, despite disapproval from some family members.

The work the 20-year-old has already had done includes the reconstruction of his nose to look like the model’s as well as dozens of treatments including Botox, fillers, tans and facials.

He has already taken out a loan to pay for the £6,500 surgery, and also plans dental work.

Appearing on ITV’s this morning, Thursfield said: “I love Katie Price. I’ve been fascinated by her, and the buzz around her, since I first saw her on TV.

“I’ve always been self-conscious about the way I look and I think she’s gorgeous. She has had so much success from her looks and I wanted that for myself.

“The results have been amazing so far. I feel much more confident in myself and much more outgoing and sociable.”