Politician claims anti-bullying campaign is a ‘gay lifestyle promotion programme’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

An Australian politician has claimed that an anti-bullying campaign is a “gay lifestyle promotion programme”.

Western Australian MP Peter Abetz, made the claims about the campaign by the Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA), which condemns bullying based on sexuality and gender identity and aims to educate young people about LGBT issues.

The campaign was funded with a four-year AUD$8 million (£4.1 million) Commonwealth grant.


Mr Abetz, a former pastor with the Christian Reformed Church said the campaign was “really not an anti-bullying program”.

“In fact, when you look at it closer, it really is little more than a gay, lesbian, transgender lifestyle promotion program,” he continued

“The militant gay lesbian lobby is trying to get this into our schools to ‘normalise’ what they consider the LGBTI agenda.

“I think in Australia most people are quite tolerant. Most people know someone among their relatives or workmates who is a lesbian or gay or whatever, and they don’t bat an eyelid – they just accept them as human beings with inherent value and you treat them with dignity and respect.”

Mr Abetz went on to say that more general anti-bullying programmes should be funded.

His comments were described, however, as “misguided and homophobic” by Shadow minister for disability services, mental health and child protection, Stephen Dawson.