New poll shows 76% want marriage equality in Ireland

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A new poll released this week shows that 76% intend to vote yes in Ireland’s marriage referendum

A Red C poll was carried out earlier this week to assess voting intentions in Ireland ahead of the country’s referendum on same-sex marriage, which will be held on May 22.

With the highest percentage so far, 76% said they would vote in favour of equal marriage, 21% said they would vote against, and 3% said they did not know.

With undecided voters excluded, the yes vote percentage showed 78% of those polled were in favour, with 22% against.

The age group most likely to support the referendum were the 25-34 showing an 86% support rate whilst the over 65s were least likely, showing a percentage of 55%.

When analysed by province, perhaps unsurprisingly Dublin showed the highest level of support at 79% whilst the lowest support was to be found in Connaught and Ulster at 67%.

The poll shows a significant increase in support since the last one held in October of last year showed that 67% of people would vote yes.

Earlier today, an Irish senator opened up about his struggle accepting his son’s sexuality – in a bid to convince people to support same-sex marriage.

Fine Gael senator Eamonn Coghlan said: “It is clear to me as a parent of a gay child that the marriage equality referendum is about voting for real people and their lives.

“It is not about politics or about voting for a particular party. It is about equality, removing rejection, removing exclusion, removing the guilt, shame and fear that gay people experience.”