Televangelist Pat Robertson: Treat your gay son like a drug addict

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US Christian evangelist Pat Robertson has advised a mother to treat her gay son like a drug addict.

Speaking on 700 Club, which is aired by the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson responded to a mother’s question of how to reach out to her gay son by telling her not to go along with his “lifestyle”.

The mother had written in to the show looking for advice about her son who had come out as gay and announced he was becoming an atheist.

Robertson was clear on his stance. “You cannot go along and say, ‘I agree with your lifestyle’” he said.

“So don’t be an enabler, any more if he’s a drug addict, you don’t enable people to continue in their drug habits”.

He went on to acknowledge: “It’s a very difficult relationship. You don’t want to shun him, you want to have love, but you’ve got to let him know that you don’t approve of the things that he’s doing”

Robertson is known for frequently expressing controversial opinions. In 2013 he was named ‘Bigot of the Year’ by Stonewall.

Watch the clip from 700 Club below: