Elton John’s mum hired an Elton John impersonator for her birthday

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Sir Elton John’s mother hired a lookalike to stand in for her son at her 90th birthday.

The singer has a strained relationship with his mother Sheila Farebrother – and has reportedly not had contact with her for years.

However, Ms Farebrother wasn’t deterred when Sir Elton declined to attend her 90th birthday last week – hiring an impersonator to perform instead.

Paul Bacon, who performs as ‘Ultimate Elton’, told the Mirror: “She said: ‘I’ve got to have you guys at my party because the other chap, the other Elton isn’t available’, so we got the gig.

“I was kept a secret, nobody knew I was going to be there apart from Elton’s mother.

“When I first came in there was a few gasps. I think one or two people thought I really was Elton.

“They loved it! It was a really nice evening, everyone was obviously up for a party, in a good mood, and they all loved the songs, there is no doubt about that, we had a great night.”

The real Sir Elton John – who had a concert in Las Vegas on the same night – is currently embroiled in a feud with fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana, after the pair spoke out against IVF and same-sex families.

The singer was caught holding a Dolce and Gabbana bag just days after claiming he would “never” wear the brand again – but insists it only had his lunch in.