Irish guy asks his nan to vote for equal marriage, and her response moves him to tears

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A gay YouTuber was moved to tears when he has posted a video asking his grandmother to vote for same-sex marriage.

The Republic of Ireland is set to vote on May 22 on a proposal to introduce civil same-sex marriage.

Amid fears that the elderly – who are more likely to vote – are disproportionately opposed to same-sex marriage, students at Trinity College invented the ‘Ring Your Granny’ campaign.

The campaign sees young people call their older relatives, to encourage them to vote yes – and the trend is catching on.

Out vlogger James Mitchell this week posted a video in which he calls his grandmother to ask for her support.

He tells her: “This is something we’ve never properly talked about, but you know that I’m gay.

“In May there’s a referendum coming up when people are being asked to vote, that affects me very personally. I want to make sure that I can marry the person I love.

“I’m calling just to ask if you will be voting yes for me in May.”

She tells him: “You don’t need to ask me that question.

“I have been behind you 100 percent from the day that you came out. You know that.

“I have always been your number one fan because you’re so brave.”

When he is moved to tears by her reply, she continues: “I love you very much.”