Game of Thrones star: I used to be a drag queen

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A star of the new series of Game of Thrones has revealed he previously worked as a drag queen and male stripper.
Game of Thrones star: I used to be a drag queen

British actor Deobia Oparei, who is set to make his debut in the new series as Areo Hotah – the guard of Prince Doran Martell of Dorne – made the revelation in an interview in Australia.

He said: “I did everything, I use to be a drag queen, I use to be a stripper.”

“I went on tour to Sydney with a theatre company and I thought I want to live here and I want to stop acting and I want to learn to dance and I want to learn to become a writer, to become a dancer and become a stripper.

“So I was 22 I got to Sydney and I became all of those things.

“I had these seven years where I lived this incredible maverick lifestyle of being a street performer, I use to have this character called ‘The Witchdoctor’ that was based at The Rocks in Sydney where I would dance half naked and then I got invited to do hens nights and whatever and a stripper.

“I just thought if I want to be an actor, how could I be an actor and not have experienced different parts of life, experience what it’s like to live so I spent seven years doing all these different kinds of jobs.”

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