Christopher Saynt: Other gay wrestlers are too scared to come out

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Scottish professional wrestler  has spoken out about being one of the only out gay wrestlers.

Mr Saynt is among the only out gay wrestlers in the world. WWE star Darren Young came out in 2012, and wrestling legend Pat Patterson came out last year after 50 years in the closet.

The 22 year old wrestler, who came out last year, told the Mirror: “I can’t pretend it was easy coming out as gay to the wrestling community, and I worried about whether I’d be accepted by fans and fellow wrestlers.

“While my colleagues have been really supportive, some people have struggled to accept my sexuality.

“I’ve had some hate mail and negative responses from them, but I’ve also had huge encouragement and positive messages from many more.

“I’ve had people send me emails saying we don’t want to pay money to see your shows.

“It’s a sign that prejudices still exist. When it comes down to it, wrestling is a bunch of men in their underwear, cuddling angrily.

“Wrestling is a very homoerotic sport — you can get two men in their underwear cuddling and hitting each other.

“It would be hugely hypocritical to have homophobia within our sport.”