90 Day Fiancé viewers baffled by response after contestant comes out to partner as bisexual

90 Day Fiancé TLC Sophie and Rob

Those who are tuned in to the latest season of 90 Day Fiancé are truly baffled after seeing how one husband-to-be reacted when his partner revealed to him that she’s bisexual.

Couple Rob Warne, 32, and Sophie Sierra, 23, haven’t exactly had the smoothest ride so far, as the pair try to make overseas relationship work face-to-face.

Already, Rob has confessed that he betrayed Sophie’s trust by speaking to other women online and receiving explicit content from them on multiple occasions.

Not long after the couple managed to reconcile (or rather, Sophie decided she could look past Rob’s infidelity), they quickly hit another bump in the road on Sunday night (10 December) when Sophie came out to Rob as bisexual.

90 Day Fiancé TLC
Sophie came out to Rob as bisexual on 90 Day Fiancé last night. (TLC)

Season 10 viewers had expected Rob to make things difficult for Sophie after she came out to him, but they were still left speechless by his response.

Speaking to her husband-to-be through nervous tears, Sophie made it clear that, despite being bisexual, she was still faithful to him.

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“Don’t worry… It’s nothing about being disloyal. I’m still loyal, nothing has changed,” she said. “I just want to tell you something. You might not care… I’m bi.”

Holding his head in his hands, Rob paused before replying: “I feel like this is something you probably should have told me before.”

Sophie explained that she had held off on telling him about her sexuality because she had taken a long time to accept it herself.

At first, Rob reasoned with her that he believed all women were attracted to other women.

“Most girls are physically attracted to women. I think women can appreciate a woman’s beauty. Gay or straight, right?” he asked.

Sophie sat with him and explained that that was not the case, and her being bisexual meant that she would be interested in having sex with other women if she were single. She then made it clear once again that she only wanted to be with him and wanted to be monogamous.

“I would have sex with a woman, yes. Do I want to have sex with a woman now? I’m getting married to you, no,” she said.

90 Day Fiancé TLC Sophie and Rob
Rob’s response to Sophie coming out as bisexual spells trouble for the 90 Day Fiancé couple. (TLC)

But Rob couldn’t hear it, and expressed concern that one day, “in five to ten years”, she might “just go f*** some woman” or have a “side relationship.”

Sophie, now upset at Rob’s reaction, tried to tell Rob again and again that she had no interest in being unfaithful to him.

“I will never be okay with that. Even you saying it is disgusting,” she said.

Getting heated, Rob ranted: “If my girl gets to f*** someone else then I would be able to f*** someone else.”

As the conversation came to an end, Sophie asked Rob not to tell anyone about her sexuality for now. 

But just a few hours later, while the pair were ring shopping, Rob let it all out and vented to the clerk about Sophie’s confession.

90 Day Fiancé TLC
90 Day Fiancé fans were furious at Rob for how he reacted. (TLC)

Clearly disappointed in Rob, she told the cameras: “Now it sounds like I’ve done something awful. I just feel like that’s unnecessary.”

Viewers watching at home were just as horrified by Rob’s reaction as Sophie was, and couldn’t believe how many bi stereotypes he managed to draw on – from claiming all women being attracted to other women, to arguing that being bisexual meant being nonmonogamous.

“I LITERALLY knew this was how Rob was going to react!!!,” tweeted one furious fan.

“‘Oh you’re bisexual that means you’re going to cheat on me with a girl, but that’s not fair if you get a girl then I get a girl too, if you sleep with a girl then WE sleep with a girl’. Sir, WHAAAAT?!?!”

A second wrote “No wonder Sophie didn’t want to tell Ron she’s bisexual. Look how he’s acting.”

And a third viewer commented: “Rob is why women don’t want to tell men they’re bisexual. Every stereotype of ‘well if you kiss a girl, then I get to kiss a girl’ Are you four years old?”

90 Day Fiancé continues on Friday, 15 December on TLC and Discovery+

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