Bermuda law means no same-sex wedding on P&O ship

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Loyal P&O customers were told they can’t have their wedding on board, because they are gay.

Because P&O is registered in Bermuda, where same-sex marriage is not allowed, the cruise company cannot perform same-sex marriages on board.

UK law forbids any marriage to be carried out at sea, which is why many cruise companies who wish to perform marriages may register in countries where same-marriage is not legal.

Jaqui Chapman told DIVA she’d been on 40 P&O cruises, and had planned to marry her partner on board a P&O ship this September. She said: “All the brochures advertised memorable and romantic marriages on a lovely cruise ship.

“Imagine our disappointment when, after making enquiries to book our dream wedding, we were refused. We are still going ahead with our marriage but not on a cruise.”

Michele Andjel from P&O said: “We welcome all passengers on board.

“Unfortunately, Bermuda law prohibits us from conducting same-sex marriage ceremonies, but we can certainly offer same-sex vow renewals on board carried out by the captain.”

Same-sex marriage was ruled out by Bermuda ministers in 2013.