Pro-equality Dublin murals defaced ahead of same-sex marriage vote

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A mural in Dublin encouraging people to vote for same-sex marriage has been vandalised.

Pro-equality Dublin murals defaced ahead of same-sex marriage vote
The Republic of Ireland is set to vote on May 22 on a proposal to introduce civil same-sex marriage.

The mural of two women above a banner reading ‘love’ had been painted by Jess Tobin outside The Bernard Shaw pub, as part of the ‘Walls of Equality’ project that aims to promote acceptance.

However, just hours after going up, the mural had been defaced with black spray paint – with the women’s faces and the words ‘May 22nd’ crudely covered over.

A giant mural of a same-sex couple in the city centre, which was unveiled earlier this week, was previously targeted by an egg-throwing vandal.

Lead ‘Walls of Equality’ artist Will St Lerger told the Daily Edge: “To put this piece of vandalism in context – there’s a tiny majority of small-minded people in the country who are obsessed by this referendum, and of that tiny majority, the one or two who get hold of spray cans can’t creatively protest against it.

“Their skill and artistic integrity is really telling. It’s child play.”

He added: “It doesn’t matter. We’re going to paint again and paint again.

“If anyone thinks going out with a black paint can is going to stop artists helping to make this country a more pluralistic society then they’re wrong.”

The Bernard Shaw said: “It’s a shame to see vandalism like this happen under the cover of darkness for a campaign which is all about supporting love for each and every person in this country.

“Jess Tobin certainly didn’t deserve it for the time and effort she put into designing and creating this piece.

“Between the egging of Joe Caslin’s mural and this act, It just exposes how the YesEquality battle has certainly not been won just yet…”

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(Photo: The Bernard Shaw/Facebook)