Community calls for new probe into ‘unsolved’ death of trans woman

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Activists are calling for a renewed investigation into the death of a trans woman – whose death remains unexplained 13 years later.

On December 22, 2002, Nizah Morris was fatally injured after a night on the town in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ms Morris was discovered with a fatal head wound, just minutes after a courtesy ride from Philadelphia police officer. She died in hospital just two days later.

At the time, the Philadelphia Police Department’s handling of Morris’ death angered the LGBT community, as many controversial theories as to what actually happened emerged in the press.

More than a decade later, campaigners are calling on District Attorney Seth Williams – who came to office in 2009, long after the death – to renew an investigation into the unsolved case.

Former State Representative Babette Josephs chaired a meeting between the community and the DA.

He said: “Mostly really what I want to do is clear the air so that people feel more comfortable with law enforcement in the LGBT community.”

Mr Williams told CBS: “They have legitimate concerns as to what happened.

“Was there some sort of foul play? Was there a cover up? And so I’m gladly here to try answer their questions to assure them we’re going to do all that we can, but most importantly that if we had evidence to charge anyone we would.”

According to an estimate by TDoR, 226 trans people were murdered in 2014.