US radio host claims same-sex marriage has cost the US $225 billion

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A Christian lawyer from the US has claimed that “the damage of homosexuality” including same-sex marriage has cost his country $225 billion (£150 billion).

Founder of the Liberty Counsel, Mat Staver, made the comments on his ‘Freedom’s Call’ radio bulletin, which was republished by Right Wing Watch.

Starting off by saying “the damage of homosexuality” affects everyone, he said: “Studies repeatedly show that homosexual conduct can result in significant cost to the community that encourages it.”

“Same-sex marriage leads to the devaluation of both a mother and a father, who each provide a unique contribution to the family,” Staver continued.

“Studies estimate that over the course of 26 years, our government spent more than $225 billion that could be directly attributed to the breakdown of the family culture and its resulting social consequences.”

Continuing, Stave said gay people should realise “that their actions have costly consequences to the community that surrounds them and to themselves.”

He has previously declared that same-sex marriage will cause straight men to cheat on their wives with other men.